Memory boxes and care packs

I almost have 5 care packs, and 5 memory boxes complete! I just need to pick up some final things for the care packs, and I am waiting for a few things yet that people are donating. Each of the care packs has been running me around $25.00 to put together. As of right now I have included the following: blanket, handmold kit, stuffed animal, journal, photo album, word search book and pen, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, lip balm, and tissues. I think the last thing I want to add is a bottle of water. I know I was always thirsty and searching for water when I would visit Nevaeh. Does anyone have any other ideas of nice things I should include? I am always looking for ideas and suggestions!!


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  1. Notepad, pen (as I am sure there are many things to remember) Maybe a diary for the parents to talk about their journey, as a place to vent their daily struggles?

  2. Hi thanks! I have included a Journal and a pen. I thought that was a good idea too. I wish I would have wrote my journey down. All of mine was on-line, and the website expired, so I lost everything. 😦

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