Angel anniversary

Tomorrow is Nevaeh’s five year angel anniversary. Can’t believe it was five years ago already. I have no idea how the day will go. I am going to try to have a good day. That’s why I am delivering the care packs tomorrow. I want to focus my energy on the positive that came out of this. Five years ago I never imagined that something good could come out of loosing my daughter. That’s why this is so important to me.

I am always fine when I think and I write. But as soon as I say something out loud about tomorrow being the date of her death, the tears come. I just told Jason out loud the Nevaeh’s passed away on my grandpa’s birthday. We just celebrated his 92nd birthday with him today. That started the tears coming. But I will be strong, I will forge ahead.

Please don’t forget to do something nice for someone tomorrow…a random act of kindness. I just want so badly for something good to come out of loosing my daughter. Even if we can make this world a better place – a place with love and respect, and kindness – just for one day, it would make my heart happy.

I hope Nevaeh’s is smiling down and happy that her short life made such an impact. I hope she is proud of me.


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